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Post Your Impreza/WRX/STI Photos Here!


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Now the boards are up and running again, i don't know about everyone else but i'm keen to see those sexy Subaru pictures again. Not to mention it being time to show off any mods you've done or new car purchases over the last month or two!

I'll start things off with a couple of mine, all courtesy of Draw Photography







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 WRXER said:


Hopefully get some better shots 2moro at the 4&r's show as the lightning isn't that great when setting up.

AWESOME!! The mags look brilliant Nick!! So when you bring them back can you polish the rest of Craigs car??

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A few from when I first got my Rex...




And a few after having a few dings taken out and some slight body mods...




When I got that done I had all the dings removed and she was pretty much straight as a dye, for about two weeks until some clod opened a door into her. Not to mention a few battle scars from some play time on a mates farm roads now.

Ah well, no point wrapping a WRX in cotton wool, there made to be driven.

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