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Just a follow up to my previous post about the build I've got going.

I ended up purchasing a cheap fmic kit and the fitment was so terrible I just took it back. I've decided it's not worth spending my money on cheap parts that I'm not going to be happy with.

So basically I'm getting some custom IC piping fabricated and am looking for a good quality IC to bolt up front.

What intercoolers/brands are you guys running and what do you recommend for sizing and all that. 

Any other constructive comments are welcome.



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A lot of people seem to grab the HDI kit that seems all good fitment & dyno wise. otherwise if your budget allows Perrin & Mishimoto are great 

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After delving into this topic in much detail on my build. I'd recommend looking into the fin density before you buy a core. Ideally you'd want staggered or offset dense fins that will really disrupt and then cool the charge. ETS, Process west all have proven results and there's pics to prove the fin density. Others are a bit hit and miss imo. Some of the cheaper ones like HDI and even some of the cheaper Chinese stuff for sale here in nz seem to have good dense fins which could work well also. Personally don't think the mishimoto cores are great. And the Perrin ones look awesome but aren't as dense as the ets or process west ones. Despite being soooooo pricey. Havent managed to get a pic of the cobb core fins yet, but I'd take a wild guess and say similar to Perrin.


Just stay away from the stuff that is basically straight through with no offset or staggered fins.

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Just get the process west one B|

I haven't even fitted mine yet but the fins are packed in there and the finish is next level.

plus it weights a ton so built tough.

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