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HOTREX needs help!

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I always thought you car was a wagon.

Looks good anyway, im a fan of dark wheels on light cars :P which tyres did you get in the end?

f*** no, wagons are s*** unless you want room for two kids and a dog! :)

I don't even know, didn't ask, $120 a corner fitted, cheap as.

[quote name='Pelvin said:

Cheap and nasties ;):P

sums it up well lol

Rims aren't THAT dark, just really mud photos, but the bronze looks pretty nice with the white, just gotta get onto those side skirts and end caps..

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 Johnnynz said:

I always fog up the window...

your doing it right!

You youngins......lol i remember the days of getting busy in the car lol.

My mate used to take a kingswood wagon with matress in back to parties with the understanding that whoever pulled at the party drove it a few hundred metres away and had their fun lol.

The mid-late 90s....good times!

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:P mine aren't just for style points, my car sits in the sun all damn day and it's too freaking hot to stand at the end of the day, also means i don't have to use them sh*tty window stocking when we go a travelling with the little one in the back.
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