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Restaurant in Dunedin


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Guest Black aRSe

Customhouse down by the harbour basin, paasha's always good their chicken donors are nomnom.... but as dubbed up said cant beat Lonestar :)

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never heard of the rainforest..haha will have to try that out one day. also im sure kamineko can prolly surgest good eating.or hit kas up for a homecooked meal

 nickch said:
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I get to Dunedin a few times a year, there is a seafood restaurant in George St north of the octogon, if you have transport, the esplanade in St Clair has a pizza place that rocks or the Speights Ale house is good food. I am in Dunedin on Monday 21st overnight.

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Both! lol

lol i tend to be biased towards what some consider expensive dining, or cheap but great asian food... of which there is none here :( so take what i say with a pinch of salt. ohhh see what i did there? ;] i also havn't dined at most of these places in the last year due to being single haha

pier24 is quite upmarket and fresh but i don't agree with their seating plan. food was pretty good but wasn't outstanding. i havn't been there in the last year though, i should go check out the current menu

the seafood place on george st is called 'the reef' and they usually batter/deep fry everything which is a waste of the great selection of seafood they have. we went there for dinner once and asked the chef for a huge platter of everything, cooked any way BUT deep fried and it was fantastic. not sure about the menu now.

'esplanade' at st clair beach is pretty good for pasta and what not. gets rather busy so book ahead

i work at table seven, i like the food most of all but look at spending 50+ a head if you want to have a good time. i can't stand people who only order a main and no drinks, then wonder why they end up bored and hungry haha usually a restaurant's menu is based around drinks+entrée +main+dessert if you can manage it. its a package thing, ordering just a main usually takes forever (an entrée fills in the time gap while the kitchen preps the main) and you can be left feeling like it wasn't quite enough. also, a drink or 2 keeps everyone happy :) ok end rant

for your budget i'd look at booking a table somewhere like speights ale house. its popular and has a fairly kiwi menu. lone star is just... to noisy as its the go-to for the family night out. and those deep fried ribs ;p

..i love going up north, especially auckland, theres a huge variety of fine dining restaurants and some of the japanese ones are especially good.

aaand if Mike is coming doing let us know eh? we should go for a CS meal someplace like that Asian haha

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Guest Black aRSe
 GC8E2DD said:

What about the cow restaurant on Stuart Street above the Octagon? That always got good reviews. There is another place just up from there, left onto Moray - can't remember the name. All my food came in crates when I lived in Dunedin.

a cow called bertha?? i think thats long gone...someone correct me if im wrong

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