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Sway bars - what fits what


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Seeing as people always ask if this model bar will fit this model car, I want to help compile all this information

Please put your PROVEN experiences here, eg:

Sway bar from my GC8 also fit my BG5.


Hopefully this will help someone!

A mod can sticky this :)

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 chulozumo said:

i think ruebenH or what ever his username did a thread like this once? not sure where it went/ i could be wrong..

May have been lost, and I see this kind of request all the time so decided we needed another one!

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 Jord said:

BG,BD,GC,GF,BE,BH,SF all have the same mount spacing so are interchange-able. However strut towers sit futher back in BE/BH so not all braces fit.

Can someone confirm if BC/BF are also the same?

Comment belongs strut brace thread instead?

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