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Here's my ride with standard GTB rims and fully tinted from back doors to boot 5% and front doors 35%.


Now with chromies.


On 16's going to the drags.


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This is my project car, Nothing special yet but a work in progress, No picture of interior as its pretty much not there, car was a mess (and still is =( ) when i brought it slowly restoring / modifying it, already starting doing some small stuff to the engine, hoping for a transplant later on in the year, what motor i haven't decided yet.

like i said nothing special



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finally got my JDM lights installed :D


bright lights are bright


HUGE upgrade from the crappy USDM ones



maybe i should clarify why this is a big deal, here in USDM land we dont get any of the goodies you guys do. we never got 2nd gen legacies with turbos, not even 3rd gens (aside from the last year the baja was sold). we didnt get projectors until the 4th gens (which is also when turbo finally came back).

heres how my car looked when i first got it and after my latest changes:



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Heres my baby. Shes all U.S., but I still love her. My stepdad and sister owned her before me, so shes a little scratched and dented.






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Heres mine! Hahaha my first car and I've already got plans to buy a 1st gen leggy for a weekend car



I went slightly crazy with the stereo this morning so here it is (FOR NOW!)


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out of curiosity (and also to help with rotating the tyres) i test-fit the WRX (16"x6.5 compared to the stock 14"x5.5) wheels and now i cant wait until i have them on for real. just need to be stripped back to stock (or stripped and painted bronze), sealed, new tyres, ballanced and then put on the car :D






these are the tyres i am looking at getting: http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=General&tireModel=Exclaim+UHP&vehicleSearch=false&partnum=055VR6EUHP&fromCompare1=yes&place=2

yes, my car is a photo whore

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    • MrSg9Sti04

      Afternoon team,
      im new to the group first time posting. Im hoping some body can help me get my launch control all dialled in on my link g4x. Ive had the computer and car all tuned from chris at prestige awesome knowlegable guy super happy with the results but now im wanting to get my launch/anti lag all dialled in. Ive been reading multiple different forums etc all with different conflicking information which has made me nervious with what do i listen to this or that if you get what i mean. Now ive started to make myself familiar with my PClink software etc the past few weeks and im eager to learn how to do minor setups or tweaks etc so im not relieing on my tuner so much and obviously saving myself abit hurt in the back pocket. 
      Now back to the question at hand.... Im wondering if theres and one who could please share there knowledge and wisdom with setting all my values, timing, fuel etc when i have launch control armed and engaged, or even a launch tune file they can possibly send me to load onto my tune. Ive figured out the setup of my digital inputs turning launch control on etc and its obvisously on its pre set factory settings. It engages but doesnt sound the greatest or as angry as it should i feel. Hence reaching out to you good buggers. 
      Cheers in advance for any info and help yous maybe able to give me.
      Cheers Shaun
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      updated your DP's too : hope that's ok!
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      Updated your DP's to reflect your business page  
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      Updated your Avatar : couldnt help myself  cheers!
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