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Radar detectors - trademe cheapies any good?


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Sorry don\'t know where this should go so put it in the legal section;

Anyone knows if i bought the 59, 69, 89, 99$ ones from trademe will they work?

Which ones of those under $100 cheapies would be the best and what are the downsides compared to the $1000 valentine one for example?


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Nah they are a joke . Had a few mates buy them Coz: 60 is no great loss . Were worse than a joke .unlike they beep 30 seconds atfer you had seen the cop and were within 50 meters .

Buy a second hand v1 . You will be amazed . They pick up Cops around corners and stuff and miles away

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We did a heads-up of V1 vs Bel STI vs Bel RX 75 (remote-install)

Against NZP Ka-band, the Bels had the edge, with there not being much between the windscreen-mounted STI and the RX in the bumper. They would pick different situations up earlier... the RX probably had more raw range due to the enormous receiver but the STI was better in windy/hilly roads.

The V1 lagged a little behind but was still very respectable, plenty of time to adjust your speed unless the officer is using instant-on.

Never tried the chingaling ones but heard bad things.

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