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Nelson/Marlborough meets

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Okay; so I wasn't sure whether Joker or Raydeo are Club captain atm- and We've heard nothing from our area rep, so I'm just dropping this thread here to gauge interest and try sort out when/where would suit members better for meets. (and how many nelson/marlborough members actually check the forums)

Now being that we have a rather large spread area; Blenheim side and Nelson side, I was thinking alternating meet locations, one month nelson side, the other blenheim side? just to make it a little fairer. Time and location should suit everyone, once it's decided.

Just really starting this thread to get the ball rolling for us; otherwise it's likely not to happen at all :P


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Rex-Leggy is now the Club Captain (was announce in the AGM minutes) And Zach is the area rep for the upper south island, but if you are wanting to organise a meet for CS members in your area you are more than welcome to do so. Im not sure why he hasnt responded to messages but ill get in touch with him today about this.

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T.O.T.S Hardpark

 · Hosted by Clay Aldridge and Mo Saseve
Top Of The South (T.O.T.S) Hardpark!

10:30 AM:
Meet at the 'Nelson Suburban Club' in Tahunanui!
Gold coin donation entry per person!
There'll be access to toilets and bar. And also access to the restaurant about 12:00 PM!
Please support the club by buying something to eat or drink!
All money raised will go towards the 'Nelson Suburban Club'!
Note: (Only 120 parking spaces. First in, first served with parking).
There'll also be music and alcohol will be allowed! 🍻✅

02:30 PM:
We'll begin to leave the 'Nelson Suburban Club' and cruise to Rabbit Island!
We'll park up there till 04:30 PM where we'll just socialize and chat! 🗣👥

10:00 PM:
We'll be regrouping at 'Bunnings Warehouse' where we will park up till 11:00 PM!
Then we'll all cruise off to see some 💨💨
Location for that will be announced at 'Bunnings Warehouse'!

See you all there!

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2 minutes ago, iludez said:
17 minutes ago, TNHSTI said:
Any Nelson/Tasman/Marlborough members keen for meets always wanted to do a meet up, Top of the south always seems dead!

Not many of us on these forums man.


Yeah thought that might be the case! 

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43 minutes ago, iludez said:
52 minutes ago, TNHSTI said:
Yeah thought that might be the case! 

I'd be keen for a meet up though if we did manage to get a few members together.


I'd come if it lined up with my various trips to Blenheim each year

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