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Blown my speakers - BP5 leggy


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Hey guys,

Seem to have blown a few of the speakers in the leggy, make popping noises at high volume. Assuming this is due to blown coils on the speakers not some other issue (???) whats the go on replacing the speakers with a full McIntosh system?

Can i just put any speakers in there?

Cant seem to find size/specs online anywhere does anyone have information about BP5 Mcintoshs?

One of the speakers that's rooted is the sub, can i just replace that easy enough and use the factory amp?

Any advice would be awesome!


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  • Admin

Don't know about the speakers, weren't they 8 ohm?

but this is what my sub one has written on the back, facelift jdm wagon.

You'd find it pretty hard to find a replacement sub that worked well with such low power from the amp.


Pretty easy to pull them out to check which one yours is. Easiest way is to pull up the corner of the boot floor and then give the sub cover a good yank and it'll come off, then it's just a matter of removing the screws.

Also not using mine either if gotasuby's isn't the right one.

For what it's worth though I'd replace it with something better. Just put a Rockford sub/amp in mine and used a hi/low level rca converter so still uses the mcintosh amp and then goes through the Rockford one. Sounds a million times better than the underpowered mcintosh ever did.

Could use rca converters for all the door speakers going to an aftermarket amp (still using mcintosh one too) as well but would be a pretty messy setup and don't know what the quality is like for rca converters when used for the higher frequency side of things.

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Thanks for all the info guys! Especially Andy Mac i'd be tempted to try a setup like yours... are you still running a mcintosh sub? or any details on what you are running? Hard to find an aftermarket 8" might be looking to buy a mcintosh one off someone at this rate......

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  • Admin

Na no longer running the mcintosh sub. Basically I just kept everything in place but cut the wires off the sub and extended them, then ran them to the rca converter which then feeds the Rockford amp. I have Rockford P2 12" with a Rockford R1200-1D amp wired to 1ohm, sits in the boot in a standard audio shop kind of sub box.

Have a look over at the audio section at Liberty.asn.au quite a few of the guys over there have done swaps with much more powerful 8" subs in the stock spots for a cleaner look, think some even run it off the mcintosh amp too. Could always do that using the rca converter and an amp under the boot floor somewhere for a more powerful one.

EDIT: looks like you would definitely need a slim sub in the factory position which will end up costing more for the sub.

Regardless would need something like this, make sure it just has a single left and right output, not the multiple outputs rca outputs like the door speaker converters would have


Then could do something like this, will probably find a cheaper system if you spent more time looking around for other options.



Plus obviously an amp wiring kit and you time installing the whole thing. I enjoy it but others think it's pure hell.

The costs start to add up real quick, at which point you probably think F*** it I'll just get a replacement mcintosh one...

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I have just replaced my front door speakers with some 6.5" 8ohm Vifa woofers that you buy for kit speakers, They sound alot better than the stock Mc'intosh ones I think, Now I just have to do my rear doors probably just get some good quality coaxials as you don't need component speakers behind you, Sub wise I have a 10" connected to the plug for the factory sub in the boot... the system sounds pretty decent for a factory head unit and amp I wouldn't change a thing.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Cheers for the input guys.

Have more of a technical questions in the way of the mismatching speaker impedance. I've replaced the door speakers (previously Mcintosh 8ohm) with some cheap Boschman 4ohms and they sound great but after about 30 minutes to an hour of driving with (reasonably) loud music everything goes crackly and weird.

I feel like this could be a problem with the mismatched impedance? Whats the best course of action i have considered either chucking a 4ohm resistor in the circuit ( to double the load but would this effect sound?) or replacing the tweaters and other speakers with 4ohm speakers too? (its the full 'premium' stock mcintosh setup)

Or have i blown the amp...?

The sub i'm looking at running a custom system with line level converters and another amp similar to Andy Mac's setup but thats not a priority yet.

Thaaaaanks everyone!


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  • Admin

Since the speakers will try get the impedance they need they will try pull 4ohms from the amp which may not be designed to run at 4ohms. Wouldn't know if it would kill the amp or not without knowing the exact specs of it. Could be over heating it. Guess amps could crackle/distort if things get too hot?? Definitely not recommended.

I could be wrong but I don't think impedance works exactly the same as standard resistance where you could use a resistor to achieve what you want. Doesn't it continuously vary with note/volume?

Also getting a new headunit for mine so I'll be able to run it without the converter so the one I have will be up for sale soon.

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