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V 4 & Rotary North Island Jamboree


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 Scoobydoo said:
I currently have nothing on that day.. I'm keen to carpool with someone

Paulo, we thinknig of going up for a day trip, the Nine-K guys keep hounding us about going lol

You could always come with us for a small petrol fee? :)

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Right, I'm going to go on a bit of a hater rant here...

The quality of the Subarus there was (almost) complete ****. This also reflected the standard of many of the cars entered, though.

I'm excluding knockoutgiant's BL here, which won best Subaru (deservedly). The mods on his car are subtle and might take a Subaru enthusiast to recognise (like the fact is has Brembos) but well executed and it's a very tidy car.

In so far as I could tell the sum total of all the mods on the rest of them was a little bit of lowering, a big exhaust and some Chinese knock-off rims. There was a damn good reason they almost all had their bonnets closed - nothing worth seeing under them except probably a peeling manifold and a pod filter. I see better modified tidier cars on my walk to work in the morning. There was a BE which was very tidy and also very stock, but I'm not sure they're old/rare enough to be show-worthy for being tidy and standard.

The GC8s were crap. If you're reading this and you own one of them, sorry, but what on earth were they doing in a car show?

There were definitely some cool cars in there and some quality engineering but so many of them were just ****. Chinese knock-off parts left, right and centre, crap panel work, crap paint jobs, incredibly stock cars - sorry RX-8 owners club but if I wanted to see a row of very tidy, very clean but completely standard RX-8's I'd go to a Mazda dealership.

The racing was much more interesting, a few casualties out there though - the quite badass, quite fast Subaru coupe suffered what looked to be a pretty major failure and caught fire, a VR4 looked to have popped the power steering line and tried to catch fire but just sat there simmering instead, and the Hell Evo went very very fast and sounded bloody good but then evidently something significant died on it and it came back in during the final session.

Aaron (A_Tiny_Chipmunk) and Craig (nztintin) both went well and I think took out second in their classes. Aaron was very smooth and my continuously joking about how he was going to either run a bearing or catch fire seemed to only spur him on. nztintin was fast and the car definitely looked and sounded the part.

I also concluded that I will never understand burnout competitions - I felt like I was getting stupider by watching it.

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Thanks for the exclusion Boon ahahaha.

Almost doesn't feel like I actually won anything considering the lack of even decent Subies there. Either way still pretty proud :D

As for that white 3rd gen, that was my fault :P It's a mate of mine I told to enter last minute on the day. It's clean and the very few mods it has are still at least decent. He's only had it for a month or so and the old owner put the rotas on not him (He hates the fact they're rots too). Though he should enter consider his car, even stock is a **** load better than half the cars that were in it last year.

Either way overall it was a pretty good time. Loved the atmosphere the day of the setup with everyone just chilling and polishing their cars.

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