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Hi all,

As you hopefully all know the committee is making changes to the website and to the forums, as we enable the new functions we would like a team a of testers to bash away at the new features and make sure they are complete and ready for everyone else to use.

If you have some spare time and would like to help make the site better please put your name down here on the list.

Ideally you will be able to test functions within 24 hours of being notified and provide feedback on any bugs or additional enhancements within 48 hours. Wanting to keep things moving quickly thus the short time frames, it is mainly final user testing so there should be very few bugs.

Some of the features are beyond cool and you will be the first to see them!


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Enhancements to the site are pending activation and has been deemed easier to implement once we have moved to new server. Testing has been delayed until new host is up and running.

Trying to keep moving server as simple as possible.

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