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Julian is excellent.. have had my last two cars done by him and will go to him for all future installs. He's very professional, explains everything and gives you options, dependant on what you want. He will also pick you up / drops you off after you leave your car with him.

A previous thread - http://clubsub.org.nz/forum/showthread.php?44884-Need-Alarm-Immobilizer-GPS-install-in-Wellington&highlight=obsessive

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 Jambun said:
Julian goes above and beyond what normal alarm installers would do.

I mean this in the most complimentary way: What he does is what ALL installers should do.

He installs alarms properly, most "installers" do a ****ing appalling job. The industry in general disgusts me, fleecing buyers for **** products installed poorly and giving them a false sense of security, quite literally.

Walking along the Subaru row at Pick-a-part and checking out the alarm "installs" on all the obviously stolen-and-recovered ones makes me seethe. 99% of them have the brain held in beside the steering column with a single zip-tie and the immobiliser relays in a neat bundle of loom tape right beside it. May as well put a big label on it saying "HOTWIRE CAR HERE -->"


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