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Welcome to the Wellington Gallery

Post up your picture from Clubsub Wellington Events, Feel free to post up comments and your own photo's

Check out the last page for the most recent photo's

Clubsub does not have a server for pictures, pictures must be uploaded to an external party (i.e Flicker ), Then to link and post up that picture use the {img} {/img} (expect using these brackets instead [] ) command with the image URL in between

This will source the photo from the site you uploaded it and post it in picture from here....

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A bit repetitive, but why not... really need an SLR camera for this type of stuff; pics from Bazza's first post are great - I notice a Canon EOS was used. These are from my Sony W5 (better than the W110).

Mt Vic


Mt Vic


Mt Vic...I still don't know half the new ppl in the pics


Oriental bay park-up


Shelly Bay


Shelly Bay


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 Startsomething said:

lol yeah that dude was funny as i wonder if he got done lol

When he went past us being followed by the cop (up at Mt Vic in the carpark) he already had a pink sticker on the windscreen. So we believe that he got given it by that cop and was being escorted home.

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      Afternoon team,
      im new to the group first time posting. Im hoping some body can help me get my launch control all dialled in on my link g4x. Ive had the computer and car all tuned from chris at prestige awesome knowlegable guy super happy with the results but now im wanting to get my launch/anti lag all dialled in. Ive been reading multiple different forums etc all with different conflicking information which has made me nervious with what do i listen to this or that if you get what i mean. Now ive started to make myself familiar with my PClink software etc the past few weeks and im eager to learn how to do minor setups or tweaks etc so im not relieing on my tuner so much and obviously saving myself abit hurt in the back pocket. 
      Now back to the question at hand.... Im wondering if theres and one who could please share there knowledge and wisdom with setting all my values, timing, fuel etc when i have launch control armed and engaged, or even a launch tune file they can possibly send me to load onto my tune. Ive figured out the setup of my digital inputs turning launch control on etc and its obvisously on its pre set factory settings. It engages but doesnt sound the greatest or as angry as it should i feel. Hence reaching out to you good buggers. 
      Cheers in advance for any info and help yous maybe able to give me.
      Cheers Shaun
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      updated your DP's too : hope that's ok!
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