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 JoKer said:

1st thing i noticed was it was a bit twitchy on the 40 series tires... got rid of mine ages ago

2nd thing no real difference except road noise.... :D

(not sure If i am stirring or being kind to the White WRX :P )

3rd always tense driving others and it was relaxing/comfy to get back into mine

you love my car, you know it!

So many pics of my car! :D

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The only pic I have from the cruise:


My tyre... Just put new T1Rs on today and did the alignment and yeah, the left front (above) had postive camber and a bit too much toe. The other 3 tyres on the car were also rather thin, but not nowhere near as bad. Hopefully I can get 6 months out of these T1Rs.

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 shaylaj said:

you love my car, you know it!

just gutted didnt get to do the Saddle

and i was gunna treat ya to a drive in me Wagoon in return (I has the BOV you want)

woulda been interesting to see a return rundown on my POS

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this page needs a big old bump from the late 90's / Early 2000's 


Seedy Albert, on 29 Oct 2016 - 3:55 PM, said:

And these from the early Days of the Wellington Boy racer scene taking over the River Bank Car Park In the hutt Valley



































Anyone from the Old scene should remeber a bunch of these cars.


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