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Well it's almost time for the 'new year, new me' stuff going on 


SO, who wants to volunteer to be wellingtons next best rep? 


As I am now no longer technically living 'local' and with Scooby-Doo being so busy with life. It makes it rather hard to organise events. As some of you may have noticed the lack of events. 


It doesn't take much, even the most antisocial person can do it (I'm proof of that) 


Anyone willing to put their hand up? 



Here is what is expected of you: 




#2 Repeat step #1



That's it. That's all there is too it. Do anything you want, as long as it isn't illegal. 


Here is some ideas to hopefully get the ball rolling.


Wash world and photos 

Cruise to Lake ferry cafe 

Cruise to Castle point 

Cruise to palmy for Carl's Jr 

Southwards car museum 

Go bowling, get ice cream 

Fish and chips and park up 

Burger fuel 

Hard parks 

Vaping competitions (pls no) 


You dont need to be one of them young wipersnappers to be the rep. I will attend any weekend meets that will be organised in future, but I cannot guarantee I will organise any events over summer. 


IS ANYONE INTERESTED??? Anone at all. 


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As area rep you choose the time, and place. You won't be able to please everyone so basically whenever you want too 


We used to have a dinner/ice cream/photos on the last Thursday of every month. 


Around 4 years ago we had an impromptu meet at mana Mc Donald's. There ended up being over 40 people crammed in there, none of which said they were coming. 


As the saying goes, if you build it they will come. 


You don't have to go it alone, anyone is welcome to plan a meet. 


Again, do not worry withat asking people when they are free. Post it up with enough notice and people will either make time to attend, or not. 

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Less like area Rep's these days : more like the Subaru Ambassador for the area (in the States they have an official program from Subaru of USA that you join)




for us helps coordinate stuff basically or keep eye on the goings on


NZ's 'official' Subaru Ambassadors are these guys : https://www.subaru.co.nz/about-subaru/ambassadors


but yeah would be handy to have someone that's has a finger on the Pulse even to the point of knowing when the Drags happen (and illegals) or local car scene meets & things etc, the more the merrier & number is not restricted!


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46 minutes ago, Inked said:

I could help out if you wanted. I am planning on a few track days this year starting with super lap at Jambo in march so could look into making some events along the way.

+1 for Inked.

Yeah Wellington area has not had a lot going on due to being busy and everything else so a change wouldn't hurt. I noticed that 2009 was a big year meets were huge and lots of activity and its kinda slowed down unfortunately. 

@chulozumo What area are you living in if its not technically Wellington? Must be close.

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14 hours ago, calebwrx said:

A few years back we did a cruise around Whitby to see all the Xmas lights, could be an idea. Problem is I can't make it on a weeknight as it doesn't get dark till damn near 10pm.


EDIT: I'm asleep by 9.30 usually LOL


Yes this is the go for me weekdays are hard as I finish at 8.30pm by the time I go home get car etc its 10pm ha ha.

14 hours ago, Subru said:

Im free most of Christmas, Why not do a meet during holidays?

Or is everyone else doing holidayish stuff?



Yeah mate could look into something like this, unsure if everyone else is working through like me :( but weekends could be a go

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1 minute ago, Joker said:

is there still a bunch of you guys who get together & do subaru stuff?

not really. Had a meet about 4 meets in last year. I been to only 1 because Im usually doing other stuff with family etc.

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Hey team, 


I have another meet up on my mind :) something simple and that involves food and lots of rumble noises (hopefully from the cars). Just trying to get a place that has parking and room for everyone to sit down.


I will post something up in the next day or two to confirm. I don't think a selected rep is a major thing you can keep the tittle @chulozumo ;) just need anyone to post up when they are keen. would be cool to try get a monthly meet going if everyone is interested! 



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