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Since your region is kind of big you could always take a longer list of places and see who can tick off the most over a set time.


Maybe something like...



you can even make it family friendly or make it clubsub stickers at the location in case you need to use your "other" car.

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haha cool, i got a dereg gc8 with a blown big end, in reasonable condition shouldnt need too much for revin

just after a few things

white rhf guard, front shockie top hat, random interior pieces and some random  and some goodies for the engine if i can find them cheap enough

got the engine all but out last night just need an engine crane

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I should have a front shocky tophat, I got a few misc struts lying around - not a matching set mind you....... if you want it you will have to arrange a time to pick up. preferably a sat or sun evening.

Sell ya my rex Ty if ya want an almost done project.

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