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Squeaking Noise (solved-wheel bearing)


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Recently I have gotten a grinding/squelching/scratching noise coming from front left of car when turning right or if I yank it left. Its gotten worse and worse over last 2 or 3 days. When im driving while slightly turned left its fine. Happens at all speeds and increases in frequency as I speed up. Its not a clicking so doubt its CV/Axle. I could be wrong on that tho.

I have wiggled wheel vertically and no movement from wheel bearing or strut however there is a little movement when wiggling it horizontally and the movement is coming from the rack, just a little play I guess. Cant see any stones lodged anywhere near the rotors/pads.

Would like to know what everyone here thinks it could be. Ill prob take it to mechanic tomorrow if I cant figure it out.

This video im turning left and right (noise is when I turn right). May struggle to hear without headphones.

At slow seeds.


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13 minutes ago, Ross said:

From what you describe it sounds to me like the wheel bearing, had similar symptoms on my legacy. 

Yeah I took it back out and was thinking about it. I think thats probably what it is. My Mechanic should know for sure.

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Any bearing that's made in Japan is good. Genuine would ofc be made in Japan (probably would be a NSK bearing or something).

Would avoid Repco stuff, unless you're in a pinch. Repco brand stuff is pretty bad lol. Especially their RTQ pads.

I've usually gone to Saeco Wilson for bearings in the past, if you have like a random one, that doesn't correspond to any sort of kit. They supply a lot of stuff to engineering shops/workers, so only use the best stuff.

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I talked to my mechanic and he said Repco wheel bearings are fine. So I got one on my way home. (DONT USE REPCO BEARING)

Took off axle nut which was pretty loose.

Axle came out with some gentle hammering.

Took hub off and looked at the bearing and sure enough it has a bunch of movement in it. More worryingly the current bearing has all the same writing that my replacement repco bearing has on it "Koyo" etc etc.*facepalm*

I assume its already been replaced before. I dont know the service life of a wheel bearing but im sure a third one at 160,000 kms is a little short.

Ima just go ahead and put the new one on. If I need to replace another one down the road its not a big deal.


Edit: Gonna get genuine subaru one now.

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Took down to mechanic and they said its been "spinning on the hub" whatever that means and in short its buggered. I need a new hub. Great.. 

They said its probably due to the loose axle nut. Sucks knowing some idiot has been "fixing" the car at one point.

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On 11/28/2018 at 8:48 AM, Subru said:

Took down to mechanic and they said its been "spinning on the hub" whatever that means and in short its buggered. I need a new hub. Great.. 

They said its probably due to the loose axle nut. Sucks knowing some idiot has been "fixing" the car at one point.


Mine did this with a genuine bearing that had never been touched. For whatever reason, even when the bearing is COMPLETELY rooted you won't really get noticeable wobble in the wheel, so it's kinda hard to pick up. But yeah, mine ruined the hub inner stub thing as well. Turned into about a $400 job or so? I figure you've got it well and truly sorted by now anyway.

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