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new here, 


but wandering if anyone knows a decent place to either get a angine refurbished or where to get a standard refurb kit for a ej203 for a 2003 bp5 liberty wagon. 

it currently has 380xxx kms on the clock and is showing its ware and tear. just wanna refurb for now and turbo convert later next year if i can swing it. my baby girl is gonna get some love and care as the last owner didnt maintain her at all

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waste of time and money. Just get a second hand engine in it, sell it when you want a turbo and buy a turbo. 


That is the only correct answer.


And refurbish... what exactly are you asking here? I feel like (no offense) but if you're wording things like that you are probably out of your depth. Start with picking a good quality engineering shop, get them to check the condition of engine parts and advise on what parts are due for replacing and go from there as anything due for replacement will have to be measured before purchasing... Once you know what you need you can call some shops and get prices on bearings/pistons/rings/rods/crank ect ect. From there you are going to need to check the valve clearances and replace as required. At the end of the day it's not a simple job, it's going to need a bunch of specialist tools, a machine shop and a whole bunch of money which in the long run WON'T BE GOOD FOR ANY TURBO APPLICATION. Turbo parts are very different to non turbo in terms of strength and also in the way the engine is designed. Then you have a whole mess of ecu and wiring issues that are simply not worth the time. 


You could just buy a turbo car and not waste your time or money and have a much better result.


If you want to just service the engine by replacing some gaskets, partsouq is the website you are looking for. Genuine parts for less than dealer prices to your door. 



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