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Surgery Sprints Manfeild 29th September

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Hi team,


It is a few months away however thought I would put up a post. The Surgery Sprints are holding an event much like 'Superlap' on the 29th September.


Two cars are released in 10 second intervals and you get 3 hot laps then pull back in. This is a great way to test your car make adjustments or just get more seat time without people hanging on your tail. Bonus -  The laps are timed by the track so you can see improvements and perfect lines etc. 


I am heading up with a group of people with not just Subaru's so thought I would see if anyone else was keen also. 


The event is on Facebook under "Round 4 - The Surgery Sprints"


Cost: For the day it is $100.00 if you hold a MSNZ licence or $100.00 + a day licence (I think this is $40.00)


Rules: As per usual - Road legal tyres, Fire extinguisher with metal bracket, Fire resistant overalls and helmet.  



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Why wait for round 4? 


Round 2 -    Sunday 23 June 2019

Round 3 -    Sunday 11 August 2019

Round 4 -    Sunday 29 September 2019

Round 5 -    Sunday 01 December 2019

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Hecka yeah these were fun I needa get back on the track


(kinda why CS doesnt "do track days" anymore, there's literally something on every month you guys can go out & have fun with at every track in NZ

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