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BP5 coilovers into BH5 question


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Hi guys,


Been looking around online and have found a bit of conflicting information on this. Does bp5 suspension bolt into a Bh5? 

I have read that they fit if you swap the bh5 top hats onto the front?

For background I currently have cusco coilovers that use factory top hats. I am looking to buy some BP5 tein coilovers that also use factory top hats and would be swapping the fronts from my cuscos if need be. Just trying to figure out if this will work

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1 hour ago, Andy_Mac said:

Rev C part catalogue on partsouq using my old vin number. Same rough layout as the 4th gens. Don't have a rev D vin to compare though. @Dairusire or @Batbaruman’s friend who’s username I can't remember right now might be able to have a look based on theirs.




@JordanfromNZ , the guy with the bh5 revd which he has named as Arwen and does questionable activities with in the back seats

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Sorry full tard moment here

 For some reason thought rev d was all 3rd gen lol. If all suspension is the same from 99-03 then yes only top hats on the front need to be changed. One thing i did also notice is the BL/BP front inserts are a little longer then the BE/BH ones. My BE/BH ones have no thread showing at the bottom perch so basically as high as they can go and are not quite tucking tire on a 225/45 17 tire (10mm off the guard). The rears were exactly the same as my old yellowspeed though. Although the yellowspeeds arent known to go very low. Again sorry for the confusion

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