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ClubSUB 2020 Calendar - Submissions CLOSED : Orders yours NOW


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Hit the store tab (at top) to order yours now! ~ Joker


OP below




HI all!

Just realised this hasn't been done,


so we're going to do a lightning round of submissions and fly into production.

Send your images to [email protected] NOW!

Submissions close Dec 1st 2019


Note: images need to be in landscape. Portrait images will be excluded from the get-go.
images need to be full quality, Full size.
images off Facebook suck.

Size is A4 2480 pixels x 3508 pixels 300dpi


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Id like this car to be in the 2020 Calendar.


Its a 1993 Prodrive Built Subaru Impreza 555 and has been driven by Ari Vantanen, Colin McRae, Carlos Sainz, Richard Burns, Possum Bourne, Smoking Joe Mcandrew. A friend of mine by the name of Robbie Mclean now owns the car and i was lucky enough when i was in Australia recently that i got to do a photo shoot with the car 

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Better picture
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3 hours ago, Gripless said:

@Niran We need a photo of the new car with the huge rear wing on a dirt road Before you cut it off. 

@Batbaruman come on all that camera posting! 
where’s the car photos for this???

LOL i took like 2 photos of my car and all the rest just general landscape / astrophotography haha. love the car but didnt find it that interesting of a photography subject, probably won't be bothered to clean it and get some shots pre 1st dec. just honestly lazy :P

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