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FS - V7 STI 6 Speed Gearbox/R180 Diff/Axles

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Driveline from Version 7 WRX STI.

This includes:
- TY856WB1CA 6 speed gearbox with LSD front diff
- Shifter linkage
- V7 STI driveshaft
- R180 front hubs and axles
- R180 complete rear sub-frame including diff, axles, hubs

Perfect for a 6 speed conversion in a GC8 or Legacy.

Happy to sell parts semi-separately.

Pick up in Auckland.

*does not include the rear suspension, brembos or spacers in pics.





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      Hey guys so after months of a headache with my wrx I've decided too come here and see if anyone has experienced what my cars doing. So resently my 1996 wrx gc8 type ra. Has a check light issue. Everytime I start the car check lights on. And stays on. If I let the car warm up for 30min minimum. Then turn the key off then back on quickly check light disappears and wont return untill I turn the car off for longer then 5min. Have done a diagnostics check and came back with error codes 24 44 and 45.
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