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I am looking at BR Legacy GTs, and Eyesight has a price premium.

The specs of the imported cars are all over the place, and Eyesight can be optioned on seemingly any trim level.

I had a brief drive in a friends' BP Outback XT with Eyesight and it was very novel.


If you have Eyesight on your Subaru, what do you think of it?

Does it work well?

Is it annoying and you turn it off?

Has it saved you from a collision?

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I haven't used it but know someone with it in a 2018 Outback and they rate it pretty highly... easpecially things like adaptive cruise control.


I hate cruise control personally, but any driver aid focussed on collision avoidance has to be good imo.

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I don't keep up to date much on new cars anymore and was pretty confused coming into this thread like no s*** its important haha


Drove a brand new camry in the states in 2017 which had the adaptive cruise control and lane assist and collision avoidance which sounds a lot like this subaru equivalent. 

Never got to test the collision avoidance thankfully but on the large highways the adaptive cruise control was pretty awesome. I found the lane steering assist a really odd sensation. It felt like when you have a big gust of wind push you to the side in a light car. 


I can see it being a very good way to avoid rear ending someone if you lose concentration in traffic or fall asleep on a long drive etc. 



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Mate has a Outlander PHEV with similar features. 

It helped him avoid a crash on an off ramp when there was sunstrike, and a car directly in front of him slowed down very very quickly. 
It's definitely a feature where if I had the choice, I'd definitely go for it.

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