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2021 MSNZ Safety gear recommendations

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Time for an upgrade here 


Who's your "Go-to" or things like Helmets, Balaclava, Suit & Undies, Boots Gloves etc 


And yeah I am mostly aiming at ClubSport 'Basic' http://manual.motorsport.org.nz/index.php/knowledgebase/36-2-01a-schedule-a-1/


currently shopping on the likes of








main intention is to co0drive for @Fizzy Toucan soon / Aim towards more track time in a (yet to be repaired) Avenger etc



 **** As of 1 April 2018 the requirements for the safety wear we use changed.  If you haven't already checked your overalls are up to scratch please take the time to CLICK HERE and read through the minimum clothing requirements.  Disclaimer: This is just for your assistance to understand the minimum requirements.  The Motorsport NZ Manual should be refered to.


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Well my gear is all good still, guess overdoing it first time was worth it.


I have:

sabelt suit (diamond 3 layer)

sabelt boots (spiked co-driver ones are an option for rally)

Sabelt gloves (lost or stolen)

alpine star gloves

sparco balaclava 

sparco socks

sabelt socks

other fire service supplier balaclava and underwear


Sabelt rebrand HANS (carbon reinforced)

Stilo WRC helmet (need mic adaptor cable to fit non Stilo gear about $100 extra)


had sabelt harnesses, swapped to OPM due to needing 2” shoulders for HANS

https://racerproducts.co.nz/ Sabelt and opm 

http://www.chicane.co.nz/ alpine and chicane

https://www.allports.nz stilo sparco


I like all my gear. Only thing I’d change is the HANs but I got it many years ago and had only 3 options for material at the time so got the middle one. 
now I’d be the ones that strap to you rather than just hang in a U around your neck. They are fine for rally but track days and in and out the strapped to you seems more appealing.

either way make sure you get the HANs it’s worth it even in light offs that you can drive away from. Never had neck injury or even a sore neck since I’ve had it. They do support the helmet in side to side as well.

if you get skinny then the gel pads are worth it. And watch out if you are tall and your seats have short belt slots as they raise the belt height over your shoulders.


chicane have suits for NZ body shapes and more freedom of movement than some others. I still have no problems with he sabelt even though I’m 20kg heavier than when I got it so it’s not a big deal in the higher price models jus the low to mid range they save costs removing the extra material in the shoulders etc.


oh and getting logos etc you need approve thread etc and through one layer which is costly.


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I have a helmet; the manual lists all the acceptable standards so you can't go wrong. Cheap cotton overalls cuffed with velcro. Oh, and an Alpine Star balaclava I won at Port Road one year. But you know all this stuff J; was this rhetorical?

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yes and no, just Bought new Balaclava from racetech to comply


regs have changed a fair bit and its a step up from the Basic stuff I usually encounter


being co-driver is new to me too & I don't need gloves it appears

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Gloves are optional.

there are finger less options as well. But only co driver so don’t carry over if you drive. Ok for club days where gloves are optional.


depends on what rallies and how you are turn8ng pages in them.


what radio hear is in the car, that helps pick helmets. You can fit ear cups to some helmets only. They extra cost of the food models and microphones are sometimes worth it.


I have the open face balaclava it’s easy to pull down when it gets too hot waiting around, plus easy to throw up if needed. 

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We all know our Phones are listnenign to us 24/7 right?


well https://cardwells.co.nz/ Mailer just came out with 20 % off Helmets & stuff


(end of Financial Year is a great time to go shopping apparently)


Co-driving went well, the Ka was pretty quiet until the underbody protection gave way & became a grader making it quite hard (no mic in my Helmet Hence I'm "shopping"




Anyhow I thought these appear resaonable prices : any Pros 7 cons with their gear? 






I am fairly blonde / dealing with 60x things at once so this is a bit of an 'out loud' thinking / diary for my benefit too when I think i can focus on this 'fairly important' purchase

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Usually you get open face helmets for rally. Especially co driver as if radio dies and you have to yell you have some hope. Ok no hope, I did hand signals one event when the drivers headset died. 
open face is not as hot unless you have nice air ducting but rally you usually ditch it all in case you need to get out and do something.

can’t say I ever got out other than between stages and standing around in the shade. 

have you asked some of the other competitors?

heaps have contact or spare gear. Plus there are always one or two usually very up to date on what gear is good.

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I got most of my stuff from Demon-Tweeks when the exchange rate was much much better... I had to buy 2 of everything (for myself and my daughter).


I got alpine stars 2 layer fia suits, gloves, shoes, socks, long pants, long sleeve tops and balaclavas from demon-tweeks.


Stilo open face helmets from Harris Race Radio.

Necksgen braces from Fast Lane Spares. 


Wearing all this stuff might make you safer, but the heat is a killer... I dread racing on a hot summer days now.


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TY & yep : I'm not making it simple or myself


Future : Avenger Circuit / Grip Car


current : Clubsport Basic & Rally Sprint co-driving (1st and only time was only the weekend been

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ahh yeah there's that also, though the ducted helmet seems optimal *hence not just rushing out & getting the best I can for the lowest price 


(never a great approach to skrimp on safety based purely on cost factor : though the 20% off Cardwells might help me get the better equipment for a reasonable investment etc if is comparable)


Hans & Suit and Gloves and boots one at a time I think (as I progress)


the single Layer Silvester Suit I have is ok for now, along with my open Face Helmet that meets the standards for what I do (and it's due for retirement soon)

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6 minutes ago, Joker said:


the single Layer Silvester Suit I have is ok for now, along with my open Face Helmet that meets the standards for what I do (and it's due for retirement soon)


I assume you are wearing the proper under garments to make two layers?


25 minutes ago, Gripless said:

Lol I run the AC or tempted to get the mobile ice chest and pump since the tshirt with pipes goes under the suit you can get it later.


No AC in my car, but I put in a couple of bilge fans that pull air from rear window vents... they help quite a bit. Some tints on the windows for next summer though... I have zero tints and it makes a big difference.


The cool suit setups I have seen are mega expensive.

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3 hours ago, Loren said:

proper under garments




woulda been nothing worse to turn up & get turned away for not complying


those dog Window things for the back windows seem popular on the few street track cars I've seen


though I do like the look of the vented helmets etc

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You have to disconnect the vents to helmets so it is a bit of a hassle. 

I think Hans is almost compulsory in rally now. Helmet need to posts as adding them is a poor option. 

what sizes are you?


 @Loren I run tint as well the light stuff with high UV cut. I did the rally thing last time and left gaps at front of windows to see the door mirrors better. This time being more road car it’s just fully covered. 

you can run a heavy tint strip as well. I had banner at top then as much tint as possible since seats are low the top of the windows is just allowing more sun in. 

also inside car was white and black only on A pillars. 
trans tunnel thermal covered. 

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