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One piece front lip and side skirts for 2015+ Sti


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Other than the carbon ones on speed science there must be other abs types in nz for sale?


Ive been noticing most nz websites have been going to order only rather than instock these days which is sad 😞

theres quite a few engine parts I want also but they are now order only at mlr and pmms lol 

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These are not the economic times to be sitting on lots of stock if you are a business owner...


It's not like anything you get will be NZ made, just order something from Ali Express, might take 3 weeks to arrive but it will probably only cost $3

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  • Admin

@Serchn I sourced mine from RHD Japan. I got nailed with freight and import duty, but it was still about half the price compared to Subaru NZ and a fraction of the wait time as it was air freighted compared to sea freighted. 

I purchased genuine STI kit

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