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Gearbox Rebuild in Auckland


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Hey guys!


I'm really new here, but have question about gearbox rebuilds.

Car: 1997 V3 WRX STI Type RA


1) Rebuilders: Who in Auckland rebuilds gearboxes for a reasonable price? I.e. All synchros for a V3 Type RA gearbox. Crunching upon gearshift unless I time the shifts immaculately.

2) Clutch sticks to floor at high rpm: At high rpm shifts my clutch pedal sticks to the ground, and I need to pop it back up with my foot... Aside from this, the clutch works fine (not heavy, chattery, not very noisy etc). It's a street Exedy, but had this problem even with the old clutch. Does this seem like it'd be throwing bearing/selector fork issue?


Thanks for your help!

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You can not buy new parts for that gearbox anymore... including synchros.  A decent gearbox guy might be able to restore the synchro function a bit though, depending on how worn they are.


It sounds like the clutch slave cylinder is worn out... an easy part to get new and replace.



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Thanks for the response Loren! I'm trying to figure out some gearbox rebuilders in Auckland, and who has some positive experiences. Right now I've been directed towards Gearbox Factory, but would like to compare some pricing. 


Would you have an idea how much restoring synchros might set me back? Presumably still a much cheaper job that buying/installing a 6-speed box or similar... 

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If restoring the synchos is even possible it's going to be mostly labour plus new oil. Should be under $2000. Cheaper than buying and installing a 6 speed, but you still have a gearbox that

can't be fixed properly if anything breaks. Your cheapest option would be to get an old, non R/RA 5 speed and fit it yourself... but again... it's just another old box that might be on it's way out.

You'd have to swap your DCCD centre diff over too.


The only options if you want reliability moving forward is to put in a 6 speed, or a more modern 5 speed that will NOT be low ratio. Even the aftermarket is moving onto to 6 speed only... not many 5 speed options left

and they would still be more expensive than the 6 speed conversion probably.



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30 minutes ago, Bugle said:

Sure I've seen AM synchro sets for 5sp recently, but hellishly expensive


Shame to take the RA away from stock form but the 6spd is a much better box, with lots of support/parts


yes you can find them on websites... but mostly they are made to order items... and when you try and purchase, they aren't actually available.

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