Fire Extinguisher Install

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I mounted a 1KG dry powder fire extinguisher in the Legacy a few weeks back. Thought I'd make a thread with some pic's, details and info. Initially installing a daily driver single strap extinguisher that was a gift, then changing to a double metal strap holder with uprated bolts suitable for track use. I've broken this thread into two sections:


Fire Extinguisher Install - Part 1 - Daily Driver

Fire Extinguisher Install - Part 2 - Track Use


Part 1 - Daily Driver Extinguisher Install


I stopped in at a local engineering workshop and brought a 500mm length of alloy flat bar, 25x4.5mm for $4.50:



Planning to mount the extinguisher to a bracket fitted between the front passenger seat rails, I've bent the alloy bar for a good fit using the corner of a workbench and a G-clamp:



Bent bar dimensions:



I sat the new bracket in place and marked the bolt hole centres:



Then centre punched to stop the drill wandering when starting drilling:



First drilled to 6mm:



Then drilled to 10mm:



I've trimmed the brackets inside lower corner to stop it digging into the carpet:



Bracket trail fit:



After working out exactly where I wanted the extinguisher to sit:



I've marked the extinguisher mount bolt holes onto the new bracket:



Then after centre punching again, drilled two 6mm holes:



Extinguisher mount then bolted to the new bracket, using 12mm long M6 gutter/panel bolts:





I unbolted the mount again, scratched the alloy plate up with sandpaper and then primed it:



Then a few coats of black enamel:



New daily driver fire extinguisher mounting bracket installed:



Extinguisher in:



Seat adjustment still working as normal:




Part 2 - Track/Club Sport Extinguisher Install


Wanting the extinguisher install to be suitable for club sport/track use I've checked vehicle handheld extinguisher requirements:


Motor Sport New Zealand - Appendix 2/Schedule A - Fire Extinguishers:


CAMS - Confederation of Australian Motor Sport - Schedule H - Fire Extinguishers:


But you can also check in with your local event organiser:


I stopped into Butler Auto Mart and brought a 1KG Chubb dry powder extinguisher with a twin metal strap bracket for $40, much smaller than the Orca 1KG original.



Here's a very similar option from Mitre10 Mega, a Quell 1KG dry powder with twin metal straps (CAMS approved) for $35:


I then went to Blacks Fasteners and got a selection of (minimum ISO 8.8) M6 16mm bolts, washers and nyloc nuts. For a grand total of $2.00. The two bigger washers are panel washers, used when fitting an extinguisher to a body panel:



I removed the daily driver/single strap extinguisher mount, then positioned and marked the new twin strap bracket bolt holes:





Only needing to drill one new 6mm hole:



After drilling, then sanding and touching up the black paint.



The new extinguisher mount was bolted to the seat rail bracket using the ISO 8.8 M6 bolts, washers and nyloc nuts:





New twin strap extinguisher mounting bracket bolted to the seat rails:



New 1KG fire extinguisher installed and ready for event scrutineering:



Seat adjusting lever unobstructed:




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Mate, the the install looks good!  but if you needed to use it.. a 1kg extinguisher is good for f-all.  When you see flames coming out of your pride and joy your extinguisher can never be large enough!!

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21 minutes ago, newsuba said:

i had a diy one for my gc8.


many drillbits did it eat !


still got it if any one wants it




I do pm me

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Still a GREAT writeup!


Now recent updates require TWIN Straps for motorsports use


here's a discussion thread on the NZ Superlap Drivers Group


So lets go internet Shoppping




$40.48 incl. GST






With "Optional Motorsports Mount"












yeah 1kg doesnt last long but could be enough in a pinch and I have not heard good things about some straps ie they come loose with passengers feet etc


SO keen on feedback or "What do you se"


also interested in Larger units (space can be an issue)

PSL Fire & safety got a recomendation :




They offer 1, 1.5 and 2kg Twin strap mounts as above




with a 5% 'facebook' discount too!


2kg will set you back $80



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Bunnings has them cheap too, and have stores everywhere. 


stores can have more options extinguisher


2.5L dual strap $63


i put a wire (like baby #8 fencing wire)  between the two release catches so even if you pull one they both pop open. Makes it easier to open and don’t have to stretch as far. 


remember in older cars without a cage that the firewall comes into the footwell in a crash so ideally remove them for road use or your passenger may be worse off. 


For a a race car the plumb in kits are now pretty cheap. 

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i've got the cheapo 1kg quell above (from mitre 10 or bunnings - don't remember) in a custom kap bracket from aus.

the quell is ok but the straps are nasty and sharp, and the metal tag rattles !



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yeah the neat aspect sold me, my diy skills are non-existent


did get top service from russell at kap, bracket arrived in less than a week.

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@newsuba that’s way to pretty. All I have is a single bar with a few bends s it clear the nuts from the bracket. 


I also wrapped wire around the bar and bracket as the bolts are so tiny. 

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single flat bar wouldn't work in my froggy car, the seatbolt arrangement is very different.

bolts were a decent size but i've lost the torx key so the bracket is there for good



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