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Will Gull force 10 ruin my car?

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I seem to be finding mixed information on the E10 98 octane that gull offers. I have a 2002 ej205 forester sg5 that I usually run on BP 98 octane. Anything I should be aware of before I fill 'er up with corn juice?

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IMO you might notice your fuel economy drop slightly due to the ethanol content in the fuel (10%). Its a heck of a lot cheaper than BP98 so that would probably balance out the economy issue. You're supposed to have special fuel lines run etc if you are going to be running fuel with high ethanol content (E85 and so on). Since this is only E10 you probably wont have any issues there. Quality wise - its a 98 octane fuel just like all the others. I personally have mine tuned to Gull E10 since its cheaper. Running 220kw atw no issues. Ethanol content in fuel increases knock resistance if tuned properly, although at E10 it probably wont have as much of an effect as E85. 

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It won't ruin your car. There's a bit of miss-information around however your car will be fine. 

Thing about Force Pro is because it's 10% ethanol and yes it's cheaper, it's sort of a false economy due to fuel usage going up. 


Otherwise you're all good to go.

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Ran it for about 3 years almost exclusively and had no issues, Im now about 5 years removed from my first use and fuel lines are still fine. 

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