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Wellington TAG - The Game


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1 hour ago, Fizzy Toucan said:

I've got no idea where that last one is, but I did spot your car this afternoon :-)




hahaha yes!!! :):P 

btw im the guy who met you at spotlight carpark a few months back during the day. I was in the white van :P 

I recognize your car.

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On 9/23/2017 at 1:24 PM, evowrx said:

Good news - the admin team has decided a pizza treat is a good incentive to keep the ball rolling.


Anyone posting a location up in this thread until the 31st October 2017 goes in the draw.


One entry per location pic.


Now go get them pics...


@Subru you have pizza incoming. Pm me your address and I'll get it organised. 



On 9/30/2017 at 2:14 PM, Subru said:


Close enough, lyall bay. Now I look at them, yours is further to end of the runway but I couldn't get there.





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Lets get this going again.


For some reason the photos look real grainy, click them to get full quality

Old Wainui Lookout:



New- You are looking straight across the runway but unfortunately this location doesn't have street view yet.


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Since we got the ball rolling with the meet the other night, I thought I'll try get this going as well. Also it gave me a good excuse to go for a drive today.


Old- Grumman Lane, This location now has street view, if I'm even in the right place



New - This image captures both the reasons why i'm broke haha planes and cars



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15 minutes ago, PistonBrain said:

not sure why but I cant see those photos.

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