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Wellington TAG - The Game

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Old: Makara Beach New:

Old: soz, its dark coz I like to do my drives in the dark, I got gps proof tho New: y'all know where this is.

Old: Close enough, lyall bay. Now I look at them, yours is further to end of the runway but I couldn't get there. New:

i started so i took a photo with my car in it (at a location around greater wellington).

anyone is invited to "find" me and take the same photo. If correct they post that photo for confirmation and then they "are it, (tagged)". They then get to go off and take a new photo in a new location until someone else finds where that is..

and so on and so on

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 caspros said:

What do you mean find you ? I know where you live. Do I take a picture through your window ?

find where i took MY photo.. and take your own to prove you found the location. Use my photo (obviously) for hints as to where that was.

you pervert Chris.

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