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Subaru Turbo System explained


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Just to add thats only correct for 2 port bcs.

Some subs came with 3 port thus no restrictors from factory.

1st Gen Legacy ? v4 Sti and 22b maybe others...

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 GC8E2DD said:

Great explanation! I wonder what kind of aperture the prodrive solenoid uses that negates the need for the pill. Would it be fixed (ie; it is effectively a pill), or somehow more cleverly regulates?

3 port solenoid

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Good on you for doing a bit of good research.

This is a good piece of imfomation for any one that has over boost problems or just wants to turn up the boost correctly with out using a cheap bleed valve because as you can see the factory system is not to bad up to a point.

-My old v4 import rans a 3 port solenoid & a pill. The pill works the same put the solenoid works as the Tee piece & valve in one. = the same out come.

I have had to ditch my pill & factory stuff & am now running a EBC. But like i said it works good up until a point.

-The prodrive unit they talk about my either have no pill because?

-The solenoid has a set amount of flow restriction.

-The ECU controls the solenoid so it might just hold it closed or open for longer the same as an aftermarket ECU or boost controler can?

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They moved everything to zen desk 


Pill info and boost control all there :P


rest is one level back up under subaru



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This version maybe clearer 






Same deal more articles up one level

https://www.perrin.com/blog (WARNING: contains evo, mini and other brands. Subaru owners may experience an adverse reaction)



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