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Legacy keyless entry Gen I-III/89-2003


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DoBC down (temporarily we hope)


IF NOT copy Pasta from https://web.archive.org/web/20180302183829/https://www.dirtyolbc.co.nz/community/topic/265-setting-the-keyless-entry-beeping-door-handle-thing/




Posted 25 August 2010 - 11:28 AM @boostin

To check if your vehicle has this function, lift the drivers door handle when locked. If it beeps, then you're in business.

This will work even if the remote is not,

1. Select a four-digit code number - avoid 0 since it requires 10 pulls on the handle to represent 0.
2. Turn on ignition and open driver�s door.
3. Lift and hold outer handle for longer than 5 seconds - buzzer gives long beep - this means the system is waiting for a new code.
4. Lift and lower handle the number times for your first number - wait for single beep.
5. Repeat second, third, and fourth numbers - now the system will start beeping � it is requesting you to confirm the code number.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5.
7. When the second series of code numbers matches the first series - a long beep will sound to tell you the code has been registered.

Now test it � lower your drivers door window, turn off ignition, and lock the door.
Now try your code on the outer door handle and you should hear the car unlock.

If the wrong code is used five times the system shuts down for five minutes.

If the battery is disconnected for longer two hours the code will be erased and will require new programming.



Posted 22 November 2011 - 5:29 AM @666SubSpeed

Keyless entry on a car made pre 90s! just shows how awesome subarus are.
ok so a step by step guide on how to do it. from memory so correct me if I'm wrong or miss a step.

1 open drivers door and lock it.

2 insert key into ignition and turn to second position. ( past acc but not starting it)

3 pull and hold drivers door handle till it beeps (should be a long beep)then release.

4 enter first digit of code you want by pulling handle quickly then wait for a short beep. ie 4=pull and release 4 times

5 enter second, third and fourth numbers by doing the same waiting for the short beep in between each number.

it should beep twice to say you have completed the set up.

Important!!! remove key from ignition before closing door in case it locks your keys in.

with keys in hand close and lock door and test it to make sure it works properly. I have heard of some cars missing the beeper ( it gets caught and ripped off by the window mechanism) I think it will still work you just have to pause for a couple of seconds where it should beep but im not sure of this

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3 hours ago, THUNDA said:

🙏 thank god this info is still on here, I finally have a bc5 which door beeper is working - will be doing this after work :)

you're welcome ❤️ hah I'm doing my best wit ha few others to make sure this info is never lost (again) and be on the internet forever hah

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