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My $5.80 TMIC Sprayer


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I've never once used my rear wiper or rear washer since buying the car, so I've removed the tail door interior panel and disconnected my rear wiper motor:


Now I can use my rear washer pump and rear washer switch on my wiper lever for my IC Spray button. Then disconnected the rear washer hose, and connected up a meter of 4mm vac hose. Tied beside the front windscreen washer hose up to the bonnet. (Passenger side pump is rear washer, hose goes straight into passenger guard. There's an OEM hose joiner near pump).


These bits are from the Mitre 10 Mega Gardening section, 98-99c each. I ended up using 3 elbows so a grand total of $5.80:


I drilled 4mm holes for the spray jets and 3mm holes through the scoops stiffeners for cable ties:



View from the bumper:


Can just see them poking out:


Eventually I'll get one of these 12v adjustable timer switches from Kemo Germany $45-55, Adjustable from 2 sec-23 min:


Then wire in a button on the dash with the timer set to about 5 seconds.

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