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6 speed conversion

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v3 = mechanical sender?

Pull the speedo sender off your old gearbox and put it in the new one. Should fit straight in.

5mt clutch will work, I believe, but you should really use a 6mt one.

You match the starter to the flywheel, which you match to the clutch. Again, I would use all 6mt items.

Clutch slave and master cylinder, nfi, someone else will need to weigh in there.

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you DO need the 6mt clutch fork!!! that\'s critical as the 5mt one is the wrong shape and is required whether you go 5 or 6mt clutch.

your front axles will go straight on, but beware that v9 spec c onwards comes with female stubs on the box so you have to convert it to male then your front axles work, kits available or you can get stubs from an auto box i believe.

rear axles depends on what rear diff you use to be honest. straight up a normal r180 6mt rear diff wont work with your factory v3 axles. if you go for the 3.9 r160 rear diff (one for sale on here) and quite hard to get a hold of then your v3 axles are mint. IF you go the v7 diff way, you need to convert your axles / rear hubs / brakes etc all over to r180 as well.

clutch / flywheel / starter / clutch slave all as mentioned above.

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you can always go to a shop in the states called DSS (driveshaft shop) they sell specific axels for r180 rated to stupid horsepower but is not exactly a cheap option.

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