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Loud humming noise from behind the dashboard


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Need some help with my sisters 4th gen 3.0 legacy.

She stats that when turning on the car, there is a loud humming noise that will last around 20 seconds.

Also after the car has turned off, loud humming noise lasting about 20 seconds.

Have ruled out:

-Still happens with no cds in the cd player

-Still happens with the A/C off

-Still happens with the fan/blower off

Video below


Any ideas?

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The only mechanical things at the back are hvac actuators. The video sounds mechanical but i guess they (actuators, blend and mode) wouldnt sound that loud if faulty

Try switching from different modes on hvac and see how it goes while the sound in on.

Also try going up or down the temp knob and see if sound goes.

If not maybe radio? Try unplugging it?

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That's pretty bad... :/ try disconnecting the stereo, then the HVAC controls (separate connectors) and see what happens then.

Actuators sound a bit different, not that pronounced and loud that's for sure (if only yours is a super extreme case).

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Your definately sure its not coming from one of the speakers? Yea thats not the sound the actuators make. They're a slow clicking noise. Sure, if the cog on the motor itself was completely smashed up it'd probably make that noise. Way to tell would be to cycle through the vent options and see what happens. The ones that click typically click for about that period of time upon startup and then click when a certain vent option is selected. Then try unplugging things one by one.

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