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Rapid Dry Towels - Yay or Nay?


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So $50 is a lot to spend on a single towel, but if it does the job that it advertises, then it looks a very good product.


Anybody own one or has used one, and can provide good feedback?


Similar towels by Detail Depot are cheaper but not as large. Is bigger better, in this case?

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I've had a Rapid Dry Towel for about six months, and it dries my whole WRX without any problem. I fold it over, lay it on a panel and then pat it dry. Move to the next panel and repeat, occasionally re-folding it. The whole process takes a couple of minutes. It's a big towel, so is a pain for finishing up small areas and will drag on the ground if you aren't careful, so I sometimes use a small Meguiar's Water Magnet towel for the bottom of the doors, door frames, mirrors, and other bits and pieces.

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