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Legacy Wagon HMF296 Stolen - Hobsonville


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MY 2006 Subaru Legacy Wagon - Grey- was stolen from Hastings Street in Hobsonville, Auckland last night.

Totally standard, nothing to make it stand out.

Sucks as I had filled the tank the day before using cheap Thursdays at Gull...

And just got it back from panelbeaters, and done the timing belt at Christmas, and loved the little thing! 





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2 hours ago, Andy_Mac said:

That sucks bigtime. Do the NA 2.0’s have an immobiliser or not?


No, nothing. 


Completely standard car, very unremarkable, but it was mine! 









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Long shot, and jumping the gun here..


But what would it be like replacing the ignition barrel and door lock if required? (guessing that is how they got in)

I'm looking at a high insurance excess if it is recovered, so could do the work myself. Guess a supplier like Strongs can supply a matching set of locks, but any guesses what they would charge for these? And already know there is no immobiliser, so no computer to code to the keys either? 

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2 hours ago, 1randomkiwi said:

I was under the impression that all 4th gen were CANBUS and factory immobilised?
Were the keys stolen? Or was it a tow truck job?


Zero security features from factory, JDM import. I guess NZ would be different, UK HAS to be immobilised from factory from 1998 onwards. I bought it thinking it would naturally be covered, found out it wasn't, and it's been on the to do list for a while now! But yeah, too late. 

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I'm actually curious, if a car is stolen but the thieves are caught in the stolen vehicle (aka, what happened above), does the owner of said vehicle still have to pay the excess on the car? 


Also, great to hear the car got recovered. 

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