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Is it a Bugeye, or maybe just after? Around 2001-2003 there were a few cars badged as a "WRX" that had the bucket seats, flared guards, but no turbo. I'm pretty sure it's factory badging...

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Yeah the JDM bugeye wrx came in either an ‘NA’ or ‘NB’ 

The NA was a non turbo wrx similar to the srx of the gc8 era. As boon said it had better seats, wrx struts and maybe a couple other upgrades but yeah the non turbo bonnet with wrx badging was a factory thing.


Edit: new age impreza WRX/2000.8 new age impreza WRX.html

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Later model gf/GC say v3 onwards I think came as a trim LEVEL SRX - pretty much a warm version of the impreza, not a hot version - no turbo but highest spec NA. 


Pretty sure in Japan buyers were given a lot of optional extras at the dealerships, hence different stickers side skirts badging etc. 

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The argument persists : even with evidence in front of them people will still say they dont! hehe


(couldnt reply because deleted)




Hi Eli : no harm done, learned somethin today eh :P

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