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Hey guys


First time on this site! Good to find a New Zealand site so hopefully there will be some people here with the knowledge I am looking for!


I have a 2001 WRX JDM, and am looking at upgrading the Downpipe. As far as I know, the USDM and NZDM V7 (bugeye) wrxs have a cat in upipe and downpipe and the JDM only has one in the Downpipe.


Also, as far as I am aware the JDM downpipe is short compared to the USDM downpipes and the midpipes on the JDM is longer compared to USDM.


My question is, all I have on the vehicle is an STI Genome axelback. If I am looking to upgrade the Downpipe, where do I begin as trying to find JDM parts seems extremely hard.


I was looking at these downpipes


But after messaging them they told me they won’t fit my JDM WRX as they told me they are only for NZ new/Australian vehicles.


What to do? Can these be modified easily to fit? Should I just replace the whole exhaust set up with a NZ/US Turboback system?



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  • Admin

I believe so.


I don't know how this is a terribly big issue... the length thing is solved in about 6 minutes with a welder, and maybe a short length of stainless steel pipe.

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