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Subaru Exiga GT (2009) - what turbo is it?

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Hi everyone. I'm looking for the Subaru Yoda. 


My turbo failed and seized with the associated noises that followed (and blue smoke) can Yoda tell me what turbo is in this car? 


2009 Subaru Exiga GT 

YA5 chassis 


I need to find a replacement bit needed to know what to look for. Or if you have one, please let me know? 

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Right, well I can't afford one from Turbocare, that's a stupid price.
Anyone with some leads on a replacement? 2ns hand is fine obviously, from a vehicle with less than the 174,000 km on the current would ne nice 😜

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      Waiting in agonised apprehension for a price from mechanic...
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