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EJ20 engines are all the same YEAH RIGHT


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i though i would post up this technical thread for those who think all ej20 turbo engines are the same (as some people do) just to prove they are vastly different

LIST OF EJ series engines in imports to date (nov 2009)


EJ15e, Ej151 EJ154


EJ18E, EJ181

2000cc Non Turbo

ej20e, ej20j ej20c ej20d

ej201 ej202 ej203 ej204

Over 2000cc Non Turbo





ej251 (export or aussie spec)

2000cc Turbo

ej20g- single turbo -legacy, impreza, 97 forester

ej20k- single turbo -impreza

ej20h- twin turbo -legacy BD/BG GT & RS models

ej20r- twin turbo -legacy 206kw BG GTB and BD RSB manual trans models

ej206- Twin turbo -BE/BH Auto trans

ej208- Twin Turbo -BE/BH Manual Trans

ej205- Single Turbo -Forester and Impreza

ej207- Single Turbo -Impreza only

ej20x- Single Turbo -Legacy and 08 wrx

ej20y- single Turbo -legacy

over 2000cc Turbo

ej22e- sohc non turbo

ej22g- 22b engine!

ej255- single turbo - forester and legacy (and Impreza Aus spec)

ej257- single turbo -Impreza STI

as you can see there are 33 types of EJ series engines fitted to JDM Subaru Legacy, Impreza and Forester models, and each of them are different in many ways.

for example

-going into a parts department and saying you have an EJ20G engine and you want whatever parts for it will probably anger the parts guys.the EJ20G engines found in the early legacys differ to the EJ20G engines in the up to V2 wrx and were different again to the base spec "V3/V4" wrx/

-the ej207 engine in the ver5/6 is different between sti and wrx models.V7 to current STI also had the ej207 engine and that changed every year in design.

PHASE 1 and PHASE 2 engines

engines built before the MY99 models were released were the phase 1 engine. These had a letter after the numbers in the engine type IE EJ20g, EJ25d, EJ15e

Engines built for the MY99 models and later were of the Phase 2 design, and were named with numbers instead of the letters IE EJ205, EJ255, EJ151

the change of engine meant a change of cylinder head gasket (thinner head gaskets), inlet manifold (inlet manifold bolts were not inline), bell housing bolts (phase 1=4 bolts, phase 2=8 bolts) cambelt, rocker covers (DOHC went from 6 bolts per side to 8, SOHC went from 3 per side to 5 or more), and some other parts depending on spec

please sticky this in the appropriate area. cheers

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so a version 5/6 sti engine shortblock falls where ( i know they are phase 2)

I think we should be careful to distingusih between engine and shortblock reado..?

Top write up btw..

ninga edit: Phase 1 to phase 2 also meant a change from center thrust to Rear Thrust correct?

I found this to qualify


to identify an 9/99-9/2000 EJ207

* Wasted spark coil pack off center of manifold

* Inlet under manifold

* Red manifold

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 funkytown said:

so a version 5/6 sti engine shortblock falls where ( i know they are phase 2)

ninga edit: Phase 1 to phase 2 also meant a change from center thrust to Rear Thrust correct?

a EJ20 STI engine from ver 5 onwards is a EJ207

(also non sti's in ver 5 and 6 had these as well)

centre thrust were built up to mar 98 with the ver 4. then swapped over to the rear thrust


ver 4 was built until july 98 and ver 5 was first built from april 98 so ver 5 onwards


v4= either centre thrust OR rear thrust

v5 onwards =rear thrust

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the Ej205 are usually the short block that aint semiforged. usually comes with a TD04

my old v5 RA also has a EJ207 on it, where my mates wagon where it came with a TD04 has a EJ205

this is new to me i didnt know that the V4 are dual thrust, as i just rebuild a motor for my mate ussing a ver1 wrx crank in a ver4 short block

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i changed the wording for Ver 4 so it didnt sound like it have both types of thrust types on the engines

now says EITHER instead of AND, sorry to confuse anyone

the ra and some sedan wrx engines had the ej20k(or later the EJ207) name even though they were not sti's.

this doesnt mean they had forged pistons, just a different complete engine package to the wrx wagon/base model wrx

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a singapore spec sti is when someone in nz thinks they can fool people into buying their wrx coz it looks like an sti HAHAHA

there are a few cars in nz that are singapore spec. i owned a shell of one for a couple months that couldnt be vinned. it was a V5 wrx sedan from singapore, that had a few different things- it was like a de specced wrx.

singapore spec cars have a 17 digit chassis number like the aussie spec cars (jf1gc8kl54g002718 for example). so if that "singapore spec" car had a JDM chassis tag like GD?-002475 then it def wasnt a singapore spec car.

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so when it comes to a 2002 V7 wrx and a 2003 V8 wrx what are the mechanical differnces? if any? I

thought the only real diffenrce on them was the headlights due to the "bugeye" being considered ugly?

me and my mate have just brought a V7 and V8 so just comparing :P

Many thanks Guys,Ta Dan

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 WRXONP said:

something actually factual?

is it only v1-2 where the non sti has the ribbed rocker covers and the sti has smooth?

A helping tip, the year of engine manufacture is stamped underneath your oil filler cap (yellow one) obviously it dosent say Sti but u can tell if the engine is the same year as the car giving an indication that it is original. Well yr ganna be suspect if the engine year dosent match the car ay

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Nice info! :)

but i didnt know that the 22b engine was "called" ej22g, reading on internet and searching quite a lot I found that the 22b engine ( apart from the fact that is a 2.2 liter engine and its a closed deck block) uses the heads of the ej20k which are known to be one of the most aggressive cams and it also uses the turbo from the v3 sti the vf23.

so by saying ej22g we are saying that its a 2.2 liter engine with cams of ej20g?, <--- I disagree with the statement cos Im pretty sure it uses the heads from the ej20k which revs up to 8300 rpms. ;D

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