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new tyres

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when i got my toyos a couple years ago, got them for well under $250 a corner and i use an odd size tyre (being a forester) so they had to order them for me, have a chat to a couple tyre places and get prices, you'd be surprised the difference between places

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The 050's are Bridgestones. I paid less the $250 per corner so it is definitely doable.

Both Shale and I run them... Shales done a lot more kms on them then I have in her Imprezza.

So far I've found the 050's to be really good. They were a little noisier then I expected to start with but seem to have quietened down and they're good and sticky wet or dry.

They seem to be wearing ok too, I reckon I'll definitely get 30,000 and maybe 40,000km out of them (street use only) as I think I've done 10,000km on them now and they're looking good as new :)

ReubenH has a group buy thread going at the moment for Bridgestones.

Oh, and being Bridgestones, you can get them at your friendly local Firestone so head on into your local and get them to do you a deal :)

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 G-unit said:

ive got dunlop direzzas on the front and untill yesterday had federals on the back, got a new tyre, cheenshaang or sum crap, was gutted 2 see that on there, $120 tho so its ok,

yea i got direzzas on the front of my wrx too, i find them real sticky, wet or dry, plus i pay less that what you pay for your cheengshang or whatever lol. i have been running firestones on the rear, only brand i could get at new years a few years ago while out of town when i had a rock go through my tyre, they totally suck, but its ok i have nearly got rid of the tread on them ;)

im a big dunlop/goodyear fan.

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Yerp, I'm the one that started the latest blitz of the Potenza RE050 (directional). I've found they are HELLA stickier than the RE001, which I used to run. They've also lasted longer on my car than the Adrenalins do.

HOWEVER... 20-30,000km later mine are absolutely destroyed. Normally this is 10-20,000 for the RE001!

So... I can give you an end-of-life review of them now too. They are shot beyond all shotness at this point and desperately need replacing.

My car has a lot of camber, and was set up to have a fair bit of toe. I drive it hard, making use of the light and nimble beast the wee Impreza is. As a result, both the inside and outside of the tread is chewed to buggery and is almost through to the canvas. The centre still has about 5mm of tread. (GRRRRRRR!) They don't NEED excessive camber or any toe to do their thing...LFMF.

Up until this point I was still happy with the way they performed, despite excessive uneven wear. They are now so far gone that they pull over bumps, exacerbated by the addition of alloy arms without a proper wheel alignment; they also feel 'buttery' in the wet, which of course means I drive extra cautiously or simply drive the barge instead.

Pretty standard fodder for worn tyres, really. But worn tyres in the past have dealt far less proficiently with the road than these. And the previous 30,000km have been full of awesomeness and win! I'd do them again.

However, given Megameet is coming up... I am going to install my new steering rack, get a proper alignment, and throw on some cheap RE001s...I mean fark, they are both a low treadwear tyre and the 001s are a farkload cheaper for something ALMOST as good. Manfeild is apparently a particularly violent track on gooey tyres so I'd rather blow a new pair of Adrenalins out the door than a new pair of RE050s. (Yes, oddly enough tyres don't seem to wear at all on the rear of my car...wtf.)

PS: if you want to be a silly bastard, test the RE-11 for us ;D

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Wheel alignment wise, in comparison to Shale, I'm running 0mm toe front and rear and I think -1 degrees of negative camber on the front. I suspect they are slowly wearing the inside faster then the outside (the result of the more then factory camber) but not enough to worry about, especially if you rotate front to back on a regular basis.

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 Qwerty said:

dz101 are ok for the street or scaring passengers round the sweeper at pukey when they let go...

I wouldn't recomend them

Yes, one of Mr Dunlop's poorer efforts.

Nowhere near as good as the FM901 they replaced.

Even the Sport Maxx is better.

Once again... how do you folks destroy a set of quality tyres in 10-20,000 km ?


I got at least that mileage out of a half-used set of RE-01R in road and track use.

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G You not running all tyres the same ??

that could lead to a world of hurt mate ??

whys that? ive never pushed my cars hard enough 2 get worrid about it letting go etc. ive had 1 crash years ago in a paddock car so im abit scared of corners lol boost in a straight it sweet

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Guest TwinTurboImpreza

Have run dunlop dirzzera's on my impreza for the past two years, they are good when you get them up to a decent temp, the challenge is getting them up to temp & keeping them there. Dunlop Sportsmax are solid, & Eagle F1's are excellent.

The only catch with these directional tyres is that they only are only really good on long open straights.

If you want something that handles the corners like around town & on the track, you need a asymmetric tread, eg RE001 Adrenalin, or the Potenza RE050 - both are Bridgestone/Firestone tyres

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