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Post your LINK ECU Flatnats 2015 pics and videos HERE


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Please click their Pages & hit like from ClubSUB

Link ECU Possum Bourne Motorsport Ltd Manfeild Playday on Track NZ Performance Car Drews Automotive Parts and Accessories Ltd Gumboot Rally Keith Stewart Dyno Detail Depot NZ Auto Clique NZ Adrenalin Events

Here's a few to start











More to come!

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posting most of mine on the FB, here's a few I stealed in no particular order

Flat Nats. The legends themselves right here right now!......enjoy smile emoticon11091424_1166932349988779_6595431322141459002_n.jpg?oh=599e119678a85bca43c27faa3bc42fbf&oe=566E2948&__gda__=1453953177_030f238ec724dd74f280166b5ffae4fb



Keith Stewart Dyno @ Dyno Power Runs at Link Flat Nats12011122_10153557980437456_7442939164730143134_n.jpg?oh=6ad8f20bd1d64caae5b8bbb8ba5a6695&oe=56AAA1C9&__gda__=1449376735_994e8802f26e7724194683cc8e9e4f09


Vinny Rattan

On the road to Flat-Nats 2015 with ClubSub org nz


I don't have a good camera @hard Park the square palmy norf


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Stealed from FB today is gunna be a CRACKER DAY IN THE MANWATU

William-h Bonney added 11 new photos.

8 hrs ·

The day that was Flat Nats 2015!

Joe Wildturkey did one hell of a job to get this event organized, wicked turn out wicked weather, truly brilliant day, few breakages and a bit if a cook up in the mix as well as you can see in the photos.

Also a good day in the company of Mike Geater and crew.

Joshua Birkett

Jonathan Broughton...

See More






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[h=5]Jared Mulinder added 15 new photos.[/h]4 hrs ·

And that's @flatnats 2015, congrats the major prize winners from Link ecu, detail depot, Keith Stewart dyno, dobc, drew automotive & clutches, well done Joe Wildturkey for a well put together event, no maybe I should go birthday shopping for my girl Amy De Cleene







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 RAYDEO said:
So many photos!

Check out mine here - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153288192603495.1073741942.698413494&type=1&l=7ef44bd411

[h=5]Raymond Heron added 174 new photos to the album: FlatNats '15 — with Ben Jones.[/h]7 hrs ·








if anyone wants any full res un-watermarked ones sing out.

fixed for you, sux to see the white one on a truck :/

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Quick video... Will put some more up I hope.


Cant make the video show but its in the link.: take

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edit : take the "s" of https & they work fine with [video] tags :P
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ClubSub org nz added 3 new photos.

The dust is settling and people are making their way home after Flat-Nats 2015

We have been over-whelmed at the number of people asking if they can still get a Limited Edition ClubSUB FlatNats Tee.

So they're back by popular demand, but only until the end of September.

... See More




You'll find the 'shop' on the HOME/Front page top right link on the forums

some of your we're lucky enough to receive a voucher for the store NOW USE THEM :P

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 boon said:
So intrigued by the grey/black bugeye with the widebody... Wade Noedl's old car? Intake setup looks super interesting, but also looks like maybe it got a little bit on fire?

Yep - down the back end of the track - theres a pic in my first post ( look behind luke sitting on the grass ;) )

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Here's the view from one of the weekends Supporters! Auto Clique NZ were there & they saw you, tag yourself or mates on the pics or in the comments ~ Joker





Auto Clique NZ added 4 new photos.Hey Everyone, we spent the weekend at the Flat-Nats 2015, its been a great weekend all round. Just is just a few teaser photos with many more to come, so stay tuned.

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 Munkvy said:
Yeah it took about 7 extinguishers to put out, not sure that was power steering, could have been turbo oil feed, he wasn't 100% sure.

from the brief look i had it looked 99% power steering. had tell tale red oily fluid everywhere. But i didn't stay or dwell long - poor guy was having a rough enough day as it was.

And yes Boon - that's Wades old car. mostly still how Wade had it except for the wheels and now mat-grey / black over the white.

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