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2008 v11 STI GRB Turbo Upgrade


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Turbo question! I have a 2008 GRB and am currently thinking about getting more power out of it. My current set up:

K&N Typhoon cold air intakeFUJITSUBO 3" Cat-Back exhaust

Rage 3" downpipe

FactoryVF49 Twinscroll turbo

Factory Blue 525cc injectors

227kw on 19 psi tuned at rapid performance here in Timaru

The next stage i was thinking was: AEM 320LPH Fuel pump, 900cc injectors and a Kinugawa TD06SL2-20g turbo Possibly going FMIC at the same time. From what i've been told the factory sti up pipe and headers arn't worth upgrading at this stage?

This will be my first experience for a turbo upgrade and want to know everyone's thoughts.


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To be honest, since you're after some more power, while the Kinugawas are good for factory fitment, they're still old tech.

While yes the Holsets are big turbo's, with T/S you can get really good response and very linear power curve and you'll spend the same money for one as a TD06.

You will however have to do a twisted turbo setup and go to front mount. imho, totally worth it.

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Biggest issue with holset is you spend the cost of the turbo in fab and bits. Td06 in a bolt on housing thro murch be 1500 tops with all required shizl. Other option is blouch good turbo bolt on for most subarus again pricey

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I have a kinugawa td06sl2 turbine wheel bought new, direct from the online kinugawa shop. It has no damage to the item, at all, period. I personally witnessed it spun up on a balancing machine. The turbine wheel was not fitted to the shaft square so at low rpm it appears to have a wobble. The backside of the turbine wheel has been machined to balance the shaft. It is far from the same quality of manufacture of a genuine mhi turbine wheel. If you have a balance and a mhi wheel to compare against I'd gladly show you.

What do you have?

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 lachlan said:
Do you have anything to back up that advice or are you waffling ?

Kinugawa = kamak = ****ing huge oem supplier . Its not some dsr crap

Pretty aggressive post against someone offering a suggestion and not bagging the product.

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