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My New STI Foz

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Hi guys just though id show off my new ride! so its a 2005 STI Forester recently aquired from Ajay @Subirex Automotive thanks to Ajay and his team he did an awesome job of getting it ready for me on time! once it was finished it went to @PBMS they manged to get a safe but very satisfying 208KW ATW out of it - few pics below of her on her drive down to Nelson!








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1 hour ago, Niran said:

Ah nice! Was this the one that had been at Ajay's for a little while? Nice to see good power and looking immaculate! 


Indeed it was! yeah its tidy as, just need to put the original badges etc back on it!


17 minutes ago, SpeedySub said:

I took one of these for a test drive, and gotta say I was very impressed with how well it drove, and the power delivery for a stock engine, so would be even better with more power ^_^


Yeah same It made me smile even before the tune! now it does other things to me lol!

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So as some members on here may know I wrote my STI Forester off sadly, I had just bought a new Genuine Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor for it from Japanparts.com see https://www.japanparts.com/parts/detail/22986 this sensor appears to be unique to the SG9 STI Forester only but if anyone wants it make me an offer, it cost me around $220 landed

Also no parts of the Wreck are available as I let insurance take it but I imagine it will be up for sale from a wrecker at some point for those who want anything off it like the Damd steering wheel etc

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