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Best insurance company

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Sorry for this post i was trying to make a proper post but then it went somewhere. Forgive me if this has been asked or been talked to in another post feel free to enlighten me and lead me to the post wherein similar to this.


i have a 2014sti and looking for best insurance company


so far have qoutes from

STAR, classic cars and club auto. 

which you guys went or prefer?


thank you..

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I was previously with Classic Cover for my last legacy I think, and NAC for my FTO before that, no complaints on either. 
I went through a broker for my last cars, who were able to get it much cheaper than directly to the insurance provider.

So that might be an option :)

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1 hour ago, Joker said:

AON here : also a broker, but I'm also 40 :P


and nothing newer than 2012 (the Hyundai)


Subaru GEX is 1996 


and the Avenger/s are 1976'ish

Hi joker,


never used one does that have extra payment? Could you go thru me with the details thank you

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5 hours ago, nihell said:

Could you go thru me with the details


heh not really any details : sorta started it 20 something years ago I don't pay attention to it tbh just know I'm insured LOL


bit blasé on finances tbh 

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