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Anyone scraped their exhaust??

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Hey guys


Hit a big pothole today (stupid road) and because I need new rear shocks and my bump stops have gone (they were getting replaced next week), my car completely bottomed out badly and I heard the dreaded sound of the exhaust smashing against the road.


I jacked car up and checked and it scraped on the midpipe right on the lip of the resonator.


It took a few gouges out but it seems like there is no hole and no dent.


There is also a VERY slight dent in the muffler at the outer edge. Again, just a few gouges and a small dent probably the width of a finger tip and only very slightly caved in.


Based on that, as long as it is not leaking and sounds the same, just carry on? To me it seems just surface but I am really pissed at myself for 1. not seeing the pothole and 2. Because this was a nice new exhaust I have JUST put on.


I'm just wondering who else has scraped/hit their exhaust and had to replace it and what were the obvious signs.


First 2 photos are the muffler damage.


Last 2 are the Resonator damage.




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