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What have you done to your car today?

Guest keltik

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 B4 I was 250T said:
That's disgusting! How much the filter cost Tim? Might do mine after seeing that

Best to go to Partmaster for a BH/BE, no one else can match one up aftermarket, and genuine is about $90 trade... Thee one I got from Partmaster was $21 to put it in perspective

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Naughty; Double posty over here; Don't care haha

Serviced car today; Castrol Edge 10w60 and a new set of BKR7e-11's couldnt find feeler gauges but luckily I had a .71mm guitar pick: Car runs like a champ now no misses at all!! none at idle or just before mid rev range.

New air filter too; because Wasn't sure when the last one was put in:

Though I know why the previous plugs were causing a few issues; They hadn't been gapped :/

Popped some stuff in a box for Ross; all in all It's been a productive day off.

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Wank factor; It ran well in the legacy which is what was in its' engine when I got it; so figured I'd try it out again.

Seems good so far: If I don't like it I'll change to a different oil in 5000kms lol :P

Also comes in a 5 litre container so I dont have to buy a top up bottle.

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