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I was gonna do one when I was down the other weekend, but just ran out of time.
If no one has done anything in a few weeks, I'll jump on, and maybe do something a little challenging...


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Decided this has been stagnant far too long. So here's the next location.

Old (Auckland Airport from Puhinui Rd):






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Old 101 the strand


I crashed a car meet for this, was pretty awkward snapped 3 fast pics then left quickly


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West Harbour Marina - took a while to find a time where there wasn't people sitting in cars on the ramp :S



New one


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    • By CMPLSV
      Hi all,

      AKLSUB is hosting a "Photo Challenge/Meet" on Sunday 19th may 2019 and we wanted to invite everyone to join in...
      -This is likely one of the last meets before lots of people go into hibernation for winter and promises to be great fun!
      The concept is as follows:
      Everyone meets at a central location, where a sheet of "photo challenges" is handed out...
      Everyone will have a certain amount of time to complete the photo challenges for points and submit them for judging (its not a race - if you arrive at the end location too early, you will actually loose points)
      There is bonus challenges for chances at extra points.
      Spot prizes and a prize for winner are available at the end of the day!

      Sunday 19th May 2019, Meet 11am Sharp in car park behind KFC on Quay St in the City.
      - Challenge sheets will be handed out 11.10am and everyone can leave straight away.
      Meet ends at The Flying Moa Pub around 2pm for a gathering/drink and possibly some nibbles.

      We hope that some of you will join us, everyone is welcome - bring your daily if your Subi is off the road, doesnt worry us!
      -Becca and the AKLSUB Team.

    • By ADIKT
      I'm back! kinda.....
      Here's the next monthly details.... Sorry been a little distracted by uni... 
      - Wednesday 15th June
      - 7.30pm onwards
      - Wendy's in Botany (see images below)
      - RAIN LOCATION: Across the road at Botany Xtreme bowling

      Bring ya mates and a winter jacket!! 

      Thanks for the pic @1randomkiwi
    • By RaKid
      Is there monthly meet happening tonight?
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