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WRX/STI Seats into my.....


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AFAIK All seats are interchangeable up to Version 11 (1989 Legacy+

WRX's are narrower so you end up sitting closer to center console in Legacy's

and many STI's are lower so you end up sitting higher

there will be corrections but as above all rails share same bolt pattern too

some version rear seats will also fit into your BG5 Wagon

or check here:

 kwi_fozze said:

hey guys, if you were ever wondering what seats fit into a gc8 or forester, check out this thread.


it has a huge amount of information on the seats, what they fit, heated or not, side airbags etc.

thought it may be of some use...

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I just installed WRX seats into my Forester, directly bolted up, only thing that wasnt the same was the plug for the seatbelt sensor (light that tells you if you havnt buckled up). Otherwise straight swap

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^^^^ be very carefull, let crc soak into it for an hour or so before you give it a go as I have heard (and seen) people break the nut off inside the little housing it sits in which is part of the chassis.... not good, dont over do it just keep the crc up to it untill it budges..

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Guest loren

well CRC always helps. breaker bars are a pretty essential tool along with some reinforced hex sockets... but

I wouldn't have thought a reinforced socket would be needed for a seat bolt...

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 8e4r said:

Does anyone know if GDB WRX seats will fit in GC8s? I'm assuming the rails will be different but can you swap the rails around or is it a bit trickier than that?

They fit, i just tried v8 Sti seats in my version 1 on the weekend, it works

Also, just if anyone wants to know, i have my Ver 8 STi seats for sale for who ever might want them?

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